May 6, 2012

What's a risk management person expected to do?

Let's say you are a risk management person at a hospital, and you receive warning from a physician about violent threats against the institution made by a person with paranoid schizophrenia. What should you do?

Hint: You don't want the following exchange to be the result.

On March 9, the day after the shooting, Dr. Whitcomb wrote to thank Dr. Spiegel for contacting Dr. Singh about Shick.
"As you have probably heard, he was the gunman at the tragic shooting in Pittsburgh yesterday at Western Psychiatric Institute, which is directly across the street from our clinics. Everyone at the GI division is safe. Your concern is very much appreciated."
Dr. Spiegel wrote back:
"I was worried about that.
"I guess the concern here is whether risk management could have/should have done something sooner."

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