Aug 2, 2012

Campus security failures in two mass killings

In two 2012 mass murder incidents, college security forces were alerted to a student’s potential dangerousness, but failed to act to stop mass violence.  

In June, psychiatrist Lynne Fenton reported Colorado theater shooter James Holmes to the University of Colorado’s behavioral evaluation and threat assessment team.  And in February, twelve days before John F. Shick opened fire inside Pittsburgh’s Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, a California gastroenterologist who received a letter from him with bizarre, rambling writing urged University of Pittsburgh Medical School administrator to make haste and investigate the situation thoroughly.

Neither threat was reported to police in the community, even though both shooters lived off campus. Both threats remained bottled up inside of college security systems.

How much of a threat does it take for a college official to pick up a phone and dial 911?


Denver case news report

Pittsburgh shooter case

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Danica said...

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