Dec 15, 2012

Coping with a violent child

Note I wrote this post the day before the Newtown CT massacre. I know families who live with the daily threat of violence from children they love. The answer to Newtown lives in the home life of the shooter. This post is about what parents of violent kids go through.

Here's an episode of The Coffee Klatch on Blogtalk radio, a great interview revolving around a family trying to do the right thing for their daughter who they truly love, but who is dangerously violent.

Listen to internet radio with The Coffee Klatch on Blog Talk Radio

The family at the center of the episode is in the middle of it, fighting with school systems, mental health agencies and health insurers to get the care they need.

The episode raised compelling questions many families must reckon with.

 -- Should parents focus on helping their child, or take steps for their own health and resiliency?

-- What if the local schools can't afford to provide care your child needs?

-- What does it take to change a troubled child's life course?

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