Jan 11, 2013

World's biggest task force, but nobody says anything new

So we have just had these big post-Sandy Hook come-to-Jesus meetings. NAMI and the NRA walk in the room. Which group says something new?

Neither.  The gun folks say we need more guns. NAMI says to write more checks for more services. We have seen these talking points before.

Gun control is one thing. Let's do what we can in that area, but let's do something real for mental health.

Implement my plan. You can find it right here.

-- Access to treatment. Set up phone centers so everyone can find the right way to get service.

-- Housing. Put more money into affordable housing for people with mental illness.

-- Criminalization. Invest in diversion programs at every level of the criminal justice system.

-- Police killings of people with mental illness. Improve training protocols for law enforcement.

-- Violence and suicide connected with mental illness. Better communication, coordination and data exchange. More emphasis on ordinary people getting training.

-- Suicide among veterans and military personnel. Increase the capacity of soldiers, families, churches, community groups and employers to detect problems as they are developing.

The single interest institutional groups have only talking points. To rethink mental illness, start with the capacities of ordinary people. Let everyone use the skills they have.

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