Feb 25, 2013

Mental health needs innovators more than science

In today's New York Times, Edmund S. Phelps writes about innovation. These days, the US is doing substantially less innovation. The effect is more inequality, as new wealth becomes more concentrated around established players.

What might change this state of affairs? Phelps says it's a mistake to think that science drives innovation.
There is no evidence that innovating in America is or has been tethered to scientific advances. Some historians find that innovations largely ran ahead of scientific advances in the 19th century. The myriad new products of recent decades were mostly created by new commercial ideas and tinkering, not by new scientific advances.
The implication for mental health is that if we want progress, we must expand our pool of innovators.

How can we foster an atmosphere where more people participate in mental health innovation?

Who can we invite to the table?

How can we support their work?

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