Mar 19, 2013

Did violent videogames cause the Newtown massacre?

The simple answer is, of course, no. This is not Videodrome. On the other hand, violent videogames are part of the context of this terrible incident. They can’t be ignored – just as the death toll of guns in America can’t be ignored, and the shooter’s mental state can’t be ignored, and the family’s disregard of risks can’t be ignored.

The Newtown tragedy was a complex event. Every part of it has meaning.

We know that people in the midst of the process of committing suicide are capable of anything.  The actions of suicidal people display emotions, elements, themes, messaging and motivation surrounding the incident and within their lives. Sometimes the urge to self-destruction is so strong the suicidal act can be deliberately manipulated by outsiders, but that does not appear to be the case here.

The Newtown massacre was a suicidal death storm that was one hundred per cent preventable.

No weapon, no dead children.

No weapon, no dead children.

No weapon, no dead children.

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