Apr 30, 2014

SHARP Stop Heroin And Rescue People

Heroin is today's plague of dead children. As David Pepper points out in this post on his website, Town Hall meetings will not solve the heroin crisis. We must act urgently to defeat this epidemic. The solution involves reducing demand through prevention and treatment, while law enforcement targets trafficking and violence.

By the way, David has been working on connecting health care with justice for a long time. Many of the practices starting to be implemented in jails across the US connect with David's initiatives in Hamilton County when he served as County Commissioner. Our county was one of the first to suspend, not terminate, Medicaid benefits for prisoners in jail. This helped us connect released prisoners to treatment for mental health and addiction care. This was a bipartisan effort. Everyone benefits from a safer, healthier community.

David has the plan. Let me offer an acronym. SHARP Stop Heroin And Rescue People.


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