Jan 19, 2024

New research, new thoughts, new platform

After several years of brand new field work focused on the day-to-day needs of people who use food pantries and other basic community service systems, I am moving forward with new publishing projects. I am consolidating all of this material on a new web platform.

The new site is called Human Intervention - a key theme is finding out what it actually takes to connect a person with effective services. These days, care is most often a system, and the systems exist in nearly every community -- but they are just beyond the grasp of ordinary people. And if the system's mission involves outreach, the people that most need the service aren't able to be helped during office hours.

What I have been exploring is the power of connectors, the friends, community members, church communities, and volunteers who help people connect with the help they need. Connectors supply the follow-through and support that makes system workers effective. The result I often see is that people move forward in their lives .. in the best way possible.

We'll be open for business soon at https://humanintervention.substack.com 

Scheduled opening date: February 1, 2024.

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